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Real Estate is a Referral Based Business

Real estate is a referral based business. Every (good) agent's goal is to make sure their client wants to tell all their friends about them and write a great review!

Having a deal fall through isn't just a bummer for the clients, the agents are upset too. The buyer is losing what they thought was their new home. The seller thought they were getting out from under a mortgage payment. Worse yet, they may have lost the downpayment on their new home and now can't move to their dream home. The buyer's agent is looking at many more home showings. The seller's agent will have more open houses, more work and more marketing expense on a house they thought they'd sold. Not to mention, both agents lost a paycheck! Unfortunately, contracts are broken, and so are hearts.

I had a contract come together about a week before Christmas. We all thought it was a great way to end the year! The day before Christmas Eve, I received an email from the buyer's agent - the buyer's financing was at risk of falling through. Talk about the worst Christmas gift I could give my sellers! The day after Christmas, we signed the paperwork to release the buyers from the contract and everyone walked away disappointed.

Despite the disappointment, often times there's a reason things don't work out, and it's not entirely bad. As a Realtor, I would rather have the deal fall through than have you end up the wrong house. I want you to be happy. I want you to pull into your driveway at the end of a long day and be GLAD to be home, not to curse me for putting you in the wrong home. And I want your referral! My business would not exist without referrals, so my primary goal is to ensure that every client has a positive experience. I strive to make even the bummers a learning opportunity and see the positive in every frustration. And I appreciate every opportunity, every client and every referral!

Ideally, I would take you to see 2 houses, you'd pick from those and live happily ever after (believe it or not, I've had that happen!). But in reality I would rather take you to see 100 houses and make four different offers that all fall through before finding your dream home than have you end up in the wrong house. It's not all sunshine and smiles, but when you find the one, it's pretty awesome. So are you ready to start the hunt? I'm waiting for you!


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