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World Password Day

Today is World Password Day so it seemed fitting to share about keeping yourself and your small business safe. Here are a few tips to keep yourself and your small business safe

Reset your passwords regularly

Old, reused or weak passwords are easier to hack, so update them regularly with strong passwords (see below for help creating them). Set a business policy for frequency and use calendar reminders if you need to.

Use unique passwords

Create unique passwords for each account or platform, and make sure they're all strong (there's that word again!). See below for help with that.

Use strong passwords

Stop using common or easy to guess passwords. We recommend using a password generator such as NordPass. NOT a sponsored post, we just really believe in the product!

Consider multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication requires an additional login credential in addition to your username and password to create an extra layer of security. This is especially beneficial on sites or accounts that have proprietary information.

Protect yourself

Remember that no matter how big or small your business or organization is, everyone deserves to be secure. Have questions? Contact us, we're always willing to help!

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