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An Open Letter To My Valued Clients,

Please be advised this is not a pleasant letter; I do apologize. While I do not wish to participate in gossip, I also do not want this matter to cause any stress to you or your business and thought it best to get ahead of the calls or messages you may receive. I will not be sharing any names or details publicly, but if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out.

In February, 2022 a former client, who I thought was a family friend, ended our working relationship on a very sour note. I attempted to maintain contact in hopes of settling our differences such that the termination of the working relationship would not affect our personal friendship or our businesses; however, we were unable to come to an agreement and in May, 2022 I gave up and have had no communication since. Yesterday I received a call advising me that said former client has been badmouthing me to clients and potential clients.

Please know that his claims are false and are the direct result of a personal quarrel between him and my husband, Casey. They have nothing to do with me or my business, but as he knows no other way to get to my husband, he has taken to attacking me as a means of hurting Casey. It's abundantly clear that this person has no intention of following societal norms or the rule of law, but I have no intention of allowing his actions to affect the way I care for my clients. I always have and always will put the best interest of my clients first.

I have learned a lot from this unfortunate incident and although I will not allow it to affect the way I interact with and provide for my clients, I have added some protections both for KPC Unlimited and for my clients. I updated my practices and policies to include requiring a contract to be in place before any work begins to protect both parties from any potential misunderstanding or loss of time and efforts. It is my sincere hope that all clients, both current and future, have a positive experience and see business growth from our partnership.

Be advised, I am in contact with an attorney to obtain a cease and desist letter, as his actions are slanderous. If you receive any written communication, either from the former client or anyone on his behalf, I would greatly appreciate if you forward it to me. While I do not ever wish to harm his business the way he has mine, I also need to protect KPC Unlimited so we can continue to provide excellent service to you and to future clients. I appreciate your business and the opportunity for us to grow together.


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