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Providing cost concious marketing opportunities that keep your small business at the front of people's minds.


KPC Social is built on the belief that small businesses thrive when we support each other. As such, we work hard to provide cost conscious marketing opportunities, offer the freedom to barter and create connections for cross promotions between small businesses.


KPC Social offers a variety of social media services, from designing and providing copy for one-off special posts to a full range of social media management packages.

Perhaps most importantly, KPC Social connects small businesses together for networking, crossporomotions and providing better service to each business's clients. Contact Karen for more information.

Onboarding - $200

  • Update all profiles

  • Creation of additional accounts if needed

  • Creation of social media-friendly logo/profile picture

  • Dedicated hashtags

Premium - $440 per month

Essentials and Standard, plus:

  • 5 additional posts per month OR 1 additional platform

  • Responding to messages across all managed platforms

  • 3 additional graphics per month

  • 4 additional Facebook and Instagram stories per month

  • 1 marketing video per month

  • Analytics of hashtag use, Facebook check ins and geo-tagged posts and photos

Essentials - $175 per month

  • 20 posts per month across 2 platforms, most cross posted

    • Interactive posts

    • Behind the scenes

    • Preparing for season changes

    • Daily/weekly tips, deals or upgrades

    • Tell your story

  • Up to 3 original graphics per month

Enterprise - $660 per month

Essentials, Standard and Premium, plus:

  • 5 additional posts per month OR 1 additional platform (LinkedIn recommended)

  • Responding to reviews across all managed platforms

  • 3 additional graphics per month

  • 1 additional marketing video per month

  • Collaboration with local suppliers and partners for cross promotions

  • 1 promotion/giveaway per month

    • Ex. Share, like and comment on this post for a chance at a free tune up

    • Work with local businesses for cross promotion in order to obtain giveaway items

    • Some giveaways may require your business to contribute to giveaway; these would be conceptualized and agreed upon together prior to giveaway going live

  • Monthly emails to your email list

  • Seasonal tips

  • Upcoming events

Stadard - $300 per month

Essentials, plus:

  • 5 additional posts per month OR 1 additional platform

  • 3 additional graphics per month

  • Responding to comments across all managed platforms

  • 4 Facebook and Instagram stories per month

A La Carte Services

Price to be determined by scope of work

  • Website updates

  • Live feed of social media to website for constant website updates

  • Customer loyalty program

  • Constant contact program

  • Sign up to receive emails through any social media platform

  • Birthday/holiday coupons

  • Tracking of email list for special occasions, with birthday/anniversary emails (coupons?)

  • Additional graphics - starting at $15 each

  • Additional videos -starting at $35 each



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