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Sweet T's Desserts

The Challenge

Sweet T's came to us with a logo and active Facebook but no other digital marketing.

The Solution

Sweet T's Desserts is a home bakery looking to grow the catering side of their business and eventually grow into a brick and mortar. Sweet T's was looking for a website but to continue to manage their own social media for the timebeing. Sweet T's provided their logo and a request for "farmhouse and industrial look. Clean and simple with black and white and any kind of wood looking accents" but otherwise offered almost complete creative freedom. A definite direction with significant to act at my own discretion was a designer's dream!


With a strong pre-existing Facebook presence, KPC Unlimited had great inspiration and  access to many great photos. Surprisingly, we were able to build the entire website without the necessity of any new graphics, saving Sweet T's time and money on their site development. We built a photo-heavy website to really show off Sweet T's work and allow simple ordering and communications for their customers.

The Result

KPC Unlimited will continue to offer support, but Sweet T's has taken over the day to day maintenance to be able to update menus and add pictures. We look forward to seeing how they update and when they opt to pull KPC Unlimited back in for deeper support. Check out the Sweet T's Desserts website for yourself.

Let’s Work Together

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