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Tip Tuesday: Stay Warm!

Full disclosure, I wrote this post two years ago on a site that has since become impractical for my needs, but looking at this week's forecast (62 on Thursday, 34 on Friday) I thought it was worth sharing!

Mother Nature may have multiple personalities, but I love it here, and I wouldn't leave Indiana for all the consistent weather in the world! So how do I keep our home a comfortable temperature without breaking the bank during these crazy Indiana winters? I've got several tips and tricks to be more energy efficient. Because going green should save you green!

Install a programmable thermostat.

There's just about no way you'll keep up with the changing temperatures on your own, but a programmable thermostat will help keep your home comfortable no matter what is going on outside. Bonus, you can set it to let the temperature drop when you're asleep or not home to save you even more.

Clean or replace your furnace filter regularly.

Different filters have different lifespans so figure out what's right for your filter, but a good rule of thumb is that 1-2 inch filters should be replaced every 3 months, 4 inch filters every 6 months and larger filters should be replaced every year. Regardless of the size, if your filter is visibly dirty or you notice a strange or burning smell near your HVAC registers, it's time to replace the filter.

Turn your furnace down and dress for the weather.

It's so much faster, easier and more cost efficient to take a sweatshirt off or on than it is for your whole house to warm up by a degree or two.

Use the sun.

Let the warm sun stream in to light your home during the day, then at night close your curtains, shades, anything else you have to cover your windows. It will help insulate the room and hold in the heat from your cozy sun-warmed floors. Similarly, if it's a cold dreary day, leave the curtains closed to keep the warmth in.

Only heat the rooms you use.

If there's a room you're not using, there's no need to keep it up with the changing temperatures. Close the door and let it ride. It will warm back up in a day or two when the weather inevitably changes again. And if you find you need that room while it's still cold, use a space heater to warm it quickly instead of changing your furnace settings.

Energy is an expensive necessity, so why not save it anywhere you can? It's good for the environment, good for your wallet and can be so comfy cozy!


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