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Is your Home Ready for Winter?

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Taking a little time to prepare for the upcoming cold months can save you a lot of time, headaches and costly repairs come Spring.

It's the most wonderful time of the year! We're basking in that post-Thanksgiving glow and the chaos of Christmas isn't quite here yet. Life is good! Christmas lights are being put up, giving everything that beautiful warm glow and we're easing into holiday prep. I, for one, love this time when I can start the shopping, baking and general merriment.

But while we're preparing to spoil our friends and family, let's not forget to show our homes a little love, too! Taking a little time to prepare for the upcoming cold months can save you a lot of time, headaches and costly repairs come Spring. Is your home ready for winter?

Disconnect outside water hoses

Leaving your garden hose attached is a freeze hazard and could cause your pipes to bust. Make sure the hoses are drained so they don't freeze and crack too.

Seal windows and doors

Caulk around your windows and doors or add weather stripping to keep heat in. Because heated air expands, it will try to escape. Even rolling up a towel in front of an ill-fitting door can help keep heat in and a cold draft out. For more information, look here:


Check for slip/fall hazards

When you can't see the lifted stepping stone through the snow you may not remember it's there, so level things now. Look if there are any places water may stand and freeze, causing slip hazards.

Service your heating and cooling system

Change your filter, reverse the direction of ceiling fans and have an HVAC professional look at your furnace. Protect your A/C compressor. Many people wrap their outside unit, but that's not necessary. It can actually cause more issues because a rodent could decide it's a nice shelter! Put a piece of plywood over the top, weighted down, to keep icicles from falling in and causing damage. Want even more ways to keep your home warm? Check out this article: https://www.familyhandyman.com/heating-cooling/unexpected-ways-to-keep-your-house-warm-this-winter/

Empty the gas from your lawnmower

Empty gas from other gas-powered lawn tools, as well. Gas does go stale. Save yourself a gummed up carburetor in the spring.

Clean your chimney

Run the point of your fireplace poker along the inside of your chimney liner. If you find more than a 1/8-in. of buildup, clean your chimney because creosote buildup can cause a fire. Check out this article for more tips:


Bring in outdoor decor

Protect your investment. Bring in what you can, empty your flowerpots. If you have items that can't be brough inside, make sure they are covered and free from water that could freeze and cause cracks. Another simple fix to save you from potential freeze damage!

I hope this helps you have a toasty, warm and stress free winter! Check a few items off the list, then get back to preparing for Christmas!


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